Pull, Don’t Push

By Fr. Jeff Lorig, Pastor

This has been my prayer the last several days. The best leaders like Jesus himself invite rather than push people in a certain direction. Before Jesus pushed his people to “Go, make disciples”, he pulled them in by inviting them to “Come, follow me.” Since I’ve been here, I sense so much potential in our parishes to become missionary powerhouses in the Archdiocese of Omaha. I also have a vision of what that preferred future looks like for our parishes. A vision means a picture of where we’d like to be. It implies we are not there yet. A temptation I’m experiencing lately is to push us there, but I haven’t even shared where there is yet. I haven’t shared it because I still have a lot to learn and heck, it’s still early and I’m just getting to know people. There’s a pastor proverb that says, “You’ll be disappointed of where you will be in in one year but amazed at where you’ll be in three.” Of course, I’m trying to cheat and get ahead, but I’m positive that will only lead to frustration, mine and yours. Please pray for my patience and capacity to lead us to greener pastures.

I’d like to share with you a little bit of the vision. It is a rough sketch of a map of a Discipleship Path. I’d like to show you where and how Alpha fits in.

Alpha is a potent, impactful, strategic step on to the path of discipleship. It has proven to be an effective tool for awakening faith in people who are on the fringe of parish life, faithful Catholics and those outside the faith.

It’s possible some us need to discover Jesus for ourselves first. That’s okay. We all have to answer the question over and over again, “Am I a fan or follower of Jesus?”  Primarily though, I want Alpha to be the tool YOU can use to invite people into discovering who Jesus is.

Alpha starts September 10th at 6:30 PM. Learn more, register as a guest, or find a way to serve Alpha by contacting Theresa Gunia by email at tgunia11@gmail.com or phone at 402-556-1456 ext 203.