SausageFest – It’s On!

Saturday, September 12th
4:00 pm  –  8:00 pm
St. Joan of Arc Parking Lot,  74th & Hascall

Brought to you by the SJA Men’s Club

Come to St. Joan of Arc on Saturday, September 12th.
Half of the parking lot will be blocked off as a Drive-thru for Sausage Fest.

All food will be served in “to-go” containers. Menu includes

*Sausage (choice of 3 kinds of sausage sandwiches) with fixins and chips
$5.00 per meal or 6-pack for $25.00

*Hot Dog and chips
$3.00 per meal or 6-pack for $15.00

Guests will drive thru 4 stations:
1 – pick up food order form
2 – place order and pay
3 – purchase additional raffle tickets ($5 each)
4 – pick up food order

Tell your family & friends to pick up dinner at St. Joan of Arc’s Sausage Fest!